Monday, August 13, 2012

Hey there! I'm Cristy and this my webpage. I did this page as a task with Morningside Authors, which is an ESL and Web Design program. If you want to contact me, simply use the contact form found on this site. Below is my Resume, with a few samples of sites and articles or blog posts I produced perversely.

Graduated with honors from KZU
9 years of article marketing experience (specifically for Internet based audiences)
4 years of web design experience.
Dedicated, self-motivated employee with a taste for facts.

Employment Experience.
Morningside Authors,2007 - Present
Staff Manager
Given the task of forming a international group of writers to match a advanced range of growth objectives and goals.
- Create new records for end result, developing production by 30% internationally
- Properly operated ongoing logs of task distribution
- Maintained QA for international creation over a sizable group of content writers

Self-employed Wp Website Designer

Additional Skills
Proficient in Russian
Outstanding knowledge using a extensive choice of office software

You can find my work on the following sites

Seattle Hospitals

Seattle is said to have created modernized paramedical services known as Medic 1 in the 70’s, where due to such services then the famous line of a patient... Source of information..


An STD is infrequently transferred through any other type of human contact such as removal of blood, tissue or body fluids from an infected person and placement of it in contact with any uninfected person. Sexual intercourse is not the only means of transmission of the infection. In many cases, sharing of unsterilized needles among people can... Source of information..

What Is Thyroid?

Function The gland serves to regulate metabolism which is related with entire physical growing process including the reproductive system such as menstruation and ovulating as well as sex developmental process, cellular replication and oxygenation and protein and calcium metabolism. Arterial blood supplied by: greater thyroid arterial vessel and the lesser thyroid arterial vessel. Veins drain via: Greater thyroid venous vessel into... Read more..

Breast Cancer Pictures

The fleshy part located in front of the normal adult human fairer sex is a fully developed “breast or mammary gland”. Male genders have mammary glands... Source..

Cataract Surgery Recovery

This condition is called a cataract. Cataract surgery is usually performed to remove the clouded lens to improve one’s vision. This procedure usually results in an artificial lens taking the place of the removed lens in the eye.  Surgery is advised to those who have difficulty seeing well. The procedure is performed in a hospital or in an outpatient clinic. The surgical procedure is performed while the patient is wide awake. He/she is given... Source of information..

Deaf Culture

Deaf Culture is the belief or thinking that being unable to hear is not a disability, but it is only their difference which distinguishes on other people. It is the culture, the beliefs, the behaviors and values existing between communities or institutions which have people whom are deaf. Members of this community may include deaf people and the... Source..

Gender Prediction Test

Pardon the adjectives; note that the profiles of your babies will not be included in this test only the gender. The test will be based on the... Continue reading..

Walk In Clinic

Health Care Clinic Health refers to the generalized wellness status of a particular individual such as mental and spiritual health and as well as the entirety of the physical well-being. Maintaining the general... Continue reading..

Leukemia In Children

In this type of leukemia, the lymphocytes are the cells most greatly affected. The child’s bone marrow continuously produce defective lymphocytes that do not completely mature. As the bone marrow’s production of cells increase at a speedy rate and as a result, these immature lymphocytes outnumber the many other normal blood cells of the body. And because they... Find out more...

Menstrual Cycle Calendar

Literally, menstruation occurs every month. However, some females have irregular menstrual cycle calendar. Normally, it’s a 28 day cycle but for the irregular monthly menstrual periods it would take as far as 32-35 days. In addition, menstruation cycle period has 2 stages. The first stage is referred to as follicle stage or stage of proliferation. It starts from the 1st day of menstruation which runs from 10-14 days or just until ovulation period. Ovulation is said to occur... To read more click here...

Spine Anatomy

Almost all of the cervical spine’s rotation comes from the two segments at the top and most of its extension/flexion movements come... Continue reading..

Throat Cancer Pictures

Throat cancer is cancerous tumors that grow or develop in a person’s throat (pharynx), tonsils or voice box (larynx). This type of cancer can affect the epiglottis which serves as... Continue reading..

Chat Rooms For Kids

As experts would say, children under the age of 8 should never go to chat rooms at all. For kids older than 8 years, it is better if... More on this page..

Administrator Password

This task may or may not be difficult for you depending on your computer literacy level. You can find the said password in minutes or hours again... To read more click here...

Best Free Antivirus

This program can run in old computers without slowing down the operating system because it is very lightweight. But even so, this program definitely is not lightweight when... Continue reading..

Best Laptops

Now, how cool is that? Alienware M14x. For gamers everywhere, this is the laptop for you. You would drool upon seeing this... Continue reading..

Computer Repair San Antonio

Computer repair San Antonio in Texas offers various computer services that can make regain the function of your computer. If you are in San Antonio and need to have your computer repaired but has no idea where to look, the place offers many computer repair services you can choose from. A lot of people believe that advertising works better for any... Source of information..

Computer Screen Cleaner

Dampen the wool cloth with just a single drop of water if you do not want water penetrate your display screen. It’s not just a very poor idea since it seeps in to the electronic devices but it also is more likely to leave blotches. Compared with a TV screen which usually rests in one location, fairly secured, laptop displays are continuously on the go, exposed to dust,... Read more..

Computer Stands

Laptop stands are recognized as perfect for paralegals, insurance adjusters, network administrators, law enforcers, civil engineers, and anyone who carries... Find out more...

Computer Voice Generator

The acquisition of these upgrades are mostly due to the astounding progress in the field of science and technology and because of these upgrades the applications for the high comprehensibility and the ability to mimic natural human voices have been made possible. So the next question you’d have to ask yourself is this, how can I benefit from... Find out more...

Cool Backgrounds

There are some wallpapers that are animated. These types ofdesktop backgroundsor wallpapers make such cool backgrounds for your desk top. Some of these animated wallpapers are very relaxing to look at since there are a lot of nature-themeddesktop backgrounds. The backgrounds would look even better if your PC or laptop has a great resolution to make the colors even vibrant. You can create your own background; this is a... More on this site..

Cool Wallpapers

If you are tired of your dull and boring desktop wallpaper, maybe it’s about time you search the internet for some really cool ones. You can have different stylish wallpapers online just for free. Simply by downloading online you can have different types of wallpapers for your computer. Cool wallpapers come in different forms. It can be a scenic place,... Source..

Edit Videos

If you are going to use an old computer, you have to check the specifications of the editing software if it would work. Regrettably, old versions of computers do not have enough memory that would fit for video editing. As such an upgrading of the whole system is required. • Software for Video Editing Selecting the right video editing software is not an easy task. There are numerous kinds of... Find out more...

Funny Screensavers

Today, there are already a wide variety of screensavers to choose from. There are also funny screensavers that people can download off the internet. There will surely be a screensaver that will fit your personality among all the choices. A screensaver can... Continue reading..

How To Defrag

The defrag tool can do all these tricks. Although there is already a defrag utility featured by Windows, it still good for you to defrag in a textbook- like way. Here are the basic steps on how to defrag your hard drive. Firstly, you need to delete all of the unwanted files saved on your computer. In this way, you can speed... Find out more...

Installed Updates

So here’s how this is done to be able to check on your installed updates. First you have to know if your computer windows has been installed in a full installation mode, if it has then you can immediately go to the Start Button and then click Windows Update and then after that go to View Update History. If you follow this order, it will lead you into a page that... More on this page..

Keyboard Keys

It is one of the most used gadgets together with a PC due to its versatility and efficiency in terms of the immediateness of results when performing data entries into a computer. In addition, computer keyboard keys serve as electronically generated switch keys. Its keys are arranged in a manner where letter alphabets and numeric symbols will not be in conflict when put to use. Such lay out is specificity similar to that of the QWERTY lay outing... Source..

Netbooks Review

A netbook is an extremely specialized computer system today. The design of this computer is intended to make the gadget more compact in comparison with that of bulky laptop computers. As for the price, netbooks are very budget- friendly and this is one of the reasons why they have become so popular nowadays. The creation of this innovative high end product is associated with some sacrifices that computer manufacturers have to make. The processors... More on this site..

On-site Computer Repair

With the advancement in technology today, computers and other electronic gadgets are very much necessary in doing businesses and work. Computers make the job a lot easier and faster. These machines are able to make calculations faster, store a lot of information and they serve as communication tools as well. Even a few minutes of system downtime can be damaging to the company’s profit. Computers, just like other equipment, need to be properly maintained regularly. If not, then the... Find out more...

Screen Capture Video

Automatic screen shots may also be used as basis for misdemeanors and suspensions once the employees are caught doing some manipulation on the computers. Aside from the typical screen capture procedure, downloadable computer applications are also able to capture not just still shots of the screen but also video. This screen capture video process is very useful in monitoring computer... Click here to read more..

System Tool Virus

Once it is installed, the files which were infected will automatically be created in random folders such as C:\Docments and Settings\All Users\Application Data in Windows 7 and in Windows Vista. This is automatically configured once you turn on your computer.... Continue reading..

Touch Screen Monitor

Whenever something new is being introduced, human beings always have that urge to own something that’s new and hip. Today, different gadgets... Click here to read more..

Vector Format

The relationship between the two of these tools is also necessary to study. Some types of primitive object are the only ones supported by any vector file format. Almost all of these formats support fast rendering yet simple geometrical primitive objects such as polygons, polylines, lines, ellipses, circles, bezigon and Bezier curves. Most of the vector file formats support text, a bitmap image and color gradient. The texts supported are in some font formats in computer... More on this page..

Network Speed Test

You may have noticed that most, if not all, of online jobs offered require high- speed internet access so that work outputs will not be compromised. It is very important for you to see to it that your internet service provider fulfills its promises. You can actually do this on your own by performing a... Source of information..

Read A Book Online

Reading is one activity where almost every reading able individual does every day. Anything readable where human eyes come across with is intentionally or unintentionally read by the eyes. Before using or buying a particular product, most consumers read product labels. In school and in work, reading activity is very much exercised in both places even with leisure activities such as watching films... Read more..

Send Large Files

There is nothing for web surfers all over the world to worry about because there are ways on how to send large files and they are as follow. The first step to take is compressing the file that you plan to send via the web. If the files... Source of information..

Banner Advertising

Clicking of a particular banner ad brings the surfer to another tab window opened, unconsciously and simultaneously taking the visiting internet... Source..

Blank Bill Of Sale

This information or section may also include the condition of the property and necessary repair details. Lastly, one of the most important information in a bill of sale is the signature of both the seller and... More on this site..

Blank Business Card Template

As for the design, there are certain important things that you should not make light of. The dimensions of the card must be determined first as these would dictate the right size of the fonts, logos and patterns within... More on this site..

Desktop Calendar

Calendars can easily make a person organized since there is a specific time frame that needs to be followed. There will be no more missed meetings and forgotten projects and deadlines. In the past, desk calendars have always been the most... To read more click here...

Photographer Business Cards

Nevertheless, they may be really conservative since they're created for common business users like doctors and lawyers. Photographers need to have something... More on this site..

Signature Stamp

This stamp system enables you to change the color of the ink occasionally or when desired. Moreover, you may base the color of the ink on a particular season. For instance, a red ink is great during the month of love, February. A self- inking stamp is recommended if you do stamping... More on this site..

Size Of A Business Card

A business card can be a simple white- colored high quality paper with black- colored texts or a dark- colored paper with attractive, stylish fonts. The texts on the card can even be embossed or engraved. You have a lot of options when it comes to business card designs and styles. However, when it comes to the size of a business card,... Find out more...

Size Of Business Card

Some people do not exactly know if there are standard dimensions of business cards that they need to follow. When designing a business card, you may choose to make use of a size which is different from the standard ones that you know. Nonetheless, it is very important to follow the standard measurement so that the business card you design will fit... Click here to read more..

Sticky Notes

Virtual sticky notes are way more convenient than the old paper sticky notes. Virtual sticky notes can beresized, placed anywhere on your desktop... Source of information..

What Is The Size Of A Business Card

These small yet very important cards should be designed in such a creative and proper way as to reflect the kind of business you belong to. The... To read more click here...

Textured Wallpaper

Fabric and Foil wallpapers are difficult to install and hang but the embossed types are easy to manipulate. When it comes... To read more click here...

Dictionary Definition

Their brains process the simple things with great complexity that as soon as they shoot you with one question about a certain topic expect to be fired with tons of follow up questions afterwards. And most of the time these kids ask the ‘what’ questions. Their ever curious minds will never be at peace unless you give them the answer that can allow them to reach a state of satiety. Usually for questions asking... Click here to read more..